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Posted On: 2016-12-23

Action against non-standard houses

The Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has put in place the Building Construction Certification Procedure, 2016 to streamline house and building regulatory system in the metropolis.

Any one, who has constructed a house or building, should submit to the KMC an application with all details prepared by a technician in a prescribed format for certification of the structure.

The particulars also include a letter from the Revenue Department of KMC as an evidence of payment of house/land tax, rental tax and business tax, if any, to be furnished to the metropolis.

As per the procedure, the KMC will depute its technicians to the field to verify the authenticity of the particulars submitted by the concerned land owner before sending the documents to the Building Permit Department for approval.

“If the details submitted by the concerned applicant do not match the structure constructed, KMC will initiate action against the private technician who recommended the particulars attached with the application,” read the procedure.

The landowners applying for building permit will also be liable to pay fine as per the Local Self-Governance Act if the details and claims are in contravention of the National Building Code and approved permit.

Any structure constructed by encroaching on the public land, road, temple area and adjacent land of another person would not be certified by the KMC.

“Building construction certification to be provided by the KMC will not be applicable for transfer of title, banking and insurance purpose and rental agreement,” it said.

source: the himalyan times,23 dec 2016


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