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CE Construction

‘The three Ts and the four Cs’, this is definitely not what one would expect to hear in a professional consulting, contracting, property development and construction management company, but this is the keystone of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. This unorthodox establishment founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Directors. Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, Er. Gopal Manandhar and Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha has devoted itself to advancing socio-techno development of nation through entrepreneurship. Building up an impressive construction resume has not deterred this company from its ideals or its long term aim of an industrial vision.

 TRUST, TRANSPARANCY and TEAM SPIRIT, many would call this a rather idealistic set of ideals yet this idealism is what CE believes will make the company not just a success but a well organized system with satisfied employees, a congenial work environment and consequently, satisfied clients. Now where do phrases ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘life time employment’ fit in? This is CE’s unique way of gaining the trust of its employees and further their team spirit. ‘Sense of belonging’ against sense of ownership implicates that CE does not belong only to the directors, but rather to the employees. CE assigns jobs to its employees as per their physical and mental conditioning for as long as they wish to work. This promise of lifetime employment guaranteeing that no one will be fired on the basis that they are replaceable provides the employees with security and heightens their loyalty to the company. This causes them to perform at their top level, with integrity and harmony. For those employees that show a ‘spark’, CE has been known to provide them with practical training and opportunities within CE, as well help them start their own venture with CE’s management expertise.

COMMITTED, COMPETITIVE, CONFIDENT, and CREATIVE; as you have probably guessed, these are the four C’s the C in CE has stood for at different points in its life cycle as an entrepreneur. This working modality cycle is what CE believes is the backbone of its success. As a ‘D’ class contractor CE committed itself to upgrading its status and enhancing its turnover. CE then became competitive, finding ways and technology to enhance productivity and quality till CE established itself as the leading ‘A class’ company. With this assurance came confidence which allowed CE to tap into its creativity; a solid reputation of quality and timely performance earned CE the full trust of its clients and their approval to experiment with newer, better, more radical strategies. And this is why CE has been able to stand tall in an uncertain environment with Political unrest and the frustrating fluctuation in the availability of resources. This is why CE has been able to claim that it is perfectly in sync with both the local and international market. 

The fact that CE has persevered can be seen in the form of its numerous projects. CE’s projects have sized up to $22 million (U.S) and it is standard for CE to have at least ten ongoing construction projects at all times. Prominent structure constructed by CE include: Five Star resorts, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Commercial Complexes, Office Complexes, Warehouses, Health Clubs, Casinos, Meditation Centers and Stupa Complexes.

CE wished to industrialize, globalize and integrate the scope of construction, so, restricting itself to what has now become its forte, construction, couldn’t satisfy CE’s desire to expand. CE became a major promoter of property development companies ‘CM Developers’, ‘CD Developers’, ‘The Comfort Housing’, and has established ‘Aggremate’, a construction raw material industry: moves to integrate the different sectors of construction. In order to optimize resources, CE has come up with the system of Cluster housing. CE has always had the belief that its growth should not be restricted within the Nepali border and has recently set up an international company ‘CE overseas Pvt. Ltd’ which shall allow CE to tap into the international market.
 ‘Ace Institute of Management’ and ‘CE Construction’: to some the fact that these two are quite closely associated would raise an eyebrow at the least. However, CE is a promoter of this institution and with good cause. CE’s had an acute interest in the education industry and wishes to contribute in bettering it, and what better way than to throw itself into the active administrative process itself? A good education gives rise to creative, daring entrepreneurs and a background in Management creates a sound and organized company. 

For entrepreneurs having the zest, CE with its associate venture Vibor Bikas Bank wants to contribute to the economic and social development of the country by supporting the backbone of its economic success, its entrepreneurs. It hopes to provide a means to realize the feasible and profitable ventures of small and medium sized enterprises which otherwise would be faced with crushing financial constraints.

So for all who wish to understand CE and it’s success, CE has become the Company it is today because of it’s staff, its policies, its working modality and its daring to do something different. The perfect integration of this leads to a sound reputation and satisfied clients, which is synonymous with a flourishing company.

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