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Acts and Policies

2018-01-08: High-rise is not the only solution to scarcity of land in the valley[..]
2016-08-21: The main reasons for overwhelming revenue collection at the end of the fiscal year was to avoid increment of minimum land valuation in the new fiscal, taking momentum on the reconstruction process and transferring properties.[..]
2014-08-18: Failure of KMC to supervise and monitor‚ many residential buildings are violating the approved construction permits.[..]
2014-07-27: With loopholes in monitoring‚ developers are encouraged to break the rules and avoid delays[..]
2014-07-20: Implementation of plans and programmes and timely spending of development budget will determine overall result[..]
2013-02-28: Nepal has its tripartite obligations to respect‚ protect and fulfil this right to adequate housing. These obligations are derived not only from the constitution but also from the various other international human rights covenants to which Nepal is a party.[..]
2013-02-03: National Building Bylaws 2008 consists of minimum guidelines to follow for the purpose of building residential houses, commercial buildings, schools, hotels or hospitals along with land use zoning.[..]
2012-11-26: Dr Bhai Kaji Tiwari, district commissioner at Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (KVDA), claims high rises are safer and more technically sound than individual houses in the valley[..]
2012-02-07: If widening of roads is accompanied by the introduction of integrated bus transit, the traffic system of Kathmandu would be solved permanently.[..]
2012-01-22: The mission to save the city from looking like a slum will be fruitful only if demolished areas are properly.[..]
2011-12-04: The absence of a binding legal contract is a problem for landlords, tenants and the government[..]
2011-07-23: As a general concept, land plotting offers a framework for the appropriate management of settlements and physical development. But presently, land plotting within the Terai appears to be motivated primarily by profit.[..]
2011-07-17: The irony is that even buildings around KMC are being constructed without following rules and regulations. But KMC is obliged to be a mute spectator. Most such buildings are cheating in parking spaces.[..]
2011-03-08: Buildings according to “Building By-laws for construction in Municipalities and Urbanizing VDCs of Kathmandu Valley 2008 (2064)” are as follows[..]
2011-02-10: There is room for relaxing some of the credit polices imposed previously on promising sectors like housing and infrastructure construction, which have strong multiplier effects in creating jobs in many sub-sectors...[..]
2011-01-09: According to bankers, the reason behind increasing the interest rate on loans is as per the guidelines issued by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to not increase the gap between the interest rates on different saving schemes over two per cent.[..]
2010-10-04: According to the 2001 census, Nepal was one of the least urbanized countries with only 14 percent of the total population (23 million) living in urban areas.[..]
2010-06-04: Planning standards to be followed as directed by KVTDC: 1. The road joining the planning areas should be 7 meters wide.[..]
2010-04-04: Undoubtedly, the demand for housing has shot up but with the Nepal Rastra Bank (the central bank) directive, the housing industry is being pushed backwards. This may impact the overall progress of the nation.[..]
2010-04-02: An individual, organization or a company who wants to construct an Apartment Housing should write an application along with the proposed map, structural design, land ownership certificate, distribution procedure of the apartment units etc. [..]
2010-02-15: The government on Monday started issuing identity cards to non-resident Nepalis (NRNs). The move will enable NRNs to own a limited amount of property in Nepal and enter their former motherland without visa.[..]
2009-08-11: The government has decided to allow non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) to own as much as two ropani (0.25 acre) of land and housing in Kathmandu Valley - a move which land and housing developers said will give a new boost to the sliding realty business.[..]
2009-07-15: The ministry has informed that capital gains tax imposed on land transactions has multiple rates. It is 10 percent in case the land is sold within five years of possession and five percent if the duration of landholding exceeds five years.[..]
0000-00-00: The land must be classified into different categories, and permission for housing development or building houses should be given only on areas where the land is less productive.[..]
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