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Design your walls

Wallpaper adds colour and texture to a space as well as works as a fun styling element.

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With the one set of a new year upon us, it’s time to remodel not just your life but your homes too. The walls of a house are often overlooked, and covered with a slab of paint, but with wallpapers you can enhance the look of a wall, and a house, beyond what paint can do. The wall covering you choose can make a room appear bigger, warmer, and brighter (or vice versa), and even hide architectural flaws.

“The popularity of wallpapers has definitely increased over the years. People are increasingly getting aware about interior designing by the day and they use wallpapers to enhance the look of their homes, or to highlight a room or a part of it to augment its aesthetics,” says Anjana Maharjan, Sales Manager at Kunal Furnishing.Wallpapers are simply designed papers which are plastic coated from the outside. These design pieces are durable, washable and can last up to 10-15 years. They are found in different patterns- traditional, classic, bold and graphic prints- materials, and colours. Although it’s much easier to use than paint, and can be installed by consumers directly, it is suggested to have it professionally installed, say traders. “In comparison to the demand that wads there five years ago, there is a 100 percent increase. People are more aware of the benefits of plastering their walls with wallpaper and they prefer it. It is reliable and convenient as well,” says Manoj Agrawal, Proprietor of Prime the Furniture Interior.

The wallpapers found in the Nepali market are imported mainly from India, China, Korea, Dubai, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy; with the products from Asian countries having a firmer hold on the market than the European ones. The price of wallpapers varies from Rs 1,850 to Rs 8,500 per roll, which is 57 sq ft. The price of wallpaper vary according to the design and quality of the papers, “Besides its many advantages, what most people don’t know is that wallpapers are not costly as it is believed to be. In fact, it can come to be cheaper than paint,” says Suresh Agrawal, Proprietor of Ls décor.

The popularity of wallpapers has had a slow start but it has picked up its pace and maintained its strong hold. Wallpaper can add colour and texture to a space as well as work as a fun styling element. And with the market abundant with a host of options, you will have no difficulty in selection what.

source: the himalayan times, 31 Dec 2016


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