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2013-01-31: The number that the Nepal Rastra Bank and financial institutions report as their contribution to our economic growth is false. The actual contribution is much less.[..]
2012-03-26: The constituents of the financial system in Nepal, including the legislators, regulators and the private sector, appear to be cognizant of the negative consequences should the country end up FATF-blacklisted.[..]
2012-01-17: . Deducting taxes on interest payment is one measure. The government should also think of extending tax rebates or tax holidays to those who want to invest in real estate[..]
2012-01-05: The uncertainty seen in the real estate market has definitely affected credit growth. It is said promoters with diversified business interests have invested significant amount in the real estate market as well.[..]
2010-08-06: The provision that the BFIs should get prior approval of the NRB before opening new branches does not suit the market economy. [..]
2010-08-02: The Policy has announced some commendable measures such as increasing banking investments to medium- and small-scale industries, which has the potential to curb both shrinking exports and worsening employment situation.[..]
2010-07-29: The central bank for the first time will encourage the system of stress testing in the Nepali banking system which would predict the impact of economic ups and down in the financial system.[..]
2010-07-26: Nevertheless, the financial crisis has also affected Nepal. Citizens living abroad have lost jobs, due to which the remittance has decreased. High revenue mobilisation and negative growth seen in the government’s expenditure is also resulting in contraction in the liquidity position and economic activities are slowing down due to decreasing investment.[..]
2010-07-21: There is a large population typically deprived of access to financial services: resources that could enable initiation and expansion of many micro-enterprises and agriculture-based activities, improving the livelihoods and wellbeing of many Nepalis.[..]
2010-05-20: The Nepal Rastra Bank, the country’s central bank, after many pushes and pulls, finally has a new governor to oversees the country’s banking sector and presumably to advise the government on its monetary and fiscal policies.[..]
2010-04-25: In Nepal, FIs are mushrooming roughly more than a dozen a year. The planners, policy and decision makers believe that more FIs can beget more growth which in fact is true.[..]
2010-04-21: The main problem with monetary policy of Nepal is that the authorities are not sure what monetary policy can or cannot do and how it should be operated.[..]
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