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2017-08-22: Popularity of planned housing and apartments has grown tremendously[..]
2017-07-23: The recent curbs introduced by the government to control the property market saw enthusiasm dampen in the real estate sector. The question now is, what lies ahead?[..]
2016-12-23: The earthquake not only shook Kathmandu’s tall apartment buildings, but also people’s confidence in them[..]
2016-07-21: By keeping five interrelated principles in mind, borrowers can significantly improve their chances of making a good match of their business with lenders.[..]
2016-07-05: The government agencies should not do anything that may go counter to the building code and other related regulations[..]
2015-07-27: Here are answers to some key questions about Nepal’s vulnerability to quakes, the reasons for the aftershocks and what scientists are doing to assess the likelihood of another major quake.[..]
2014-05-07: Housing developers said that since Nepali buyers are more willing to purchase individual homes rather than live in apartments and they see standalone house as a safer investment, it has left apartment developers struggling a bit. While young nuclear families seem to be mostly interested in apartment projects, others seem to prefer standalone houses.[..]
2014-01-09: What could be done in Rs 840 five years ago now requires around Rs 2,400,a hike of nearly 200 pc[..]
2014-01-07: Road side businesses and accidents along the Tinkune-Suryabinayak stretch have gone down, while property prices are in upward trajectory. Officials predict the same for ring road[..]
2013-12-29: Focusing on First-Time Home Buyers will further help improve the sector.[..]
2013-06-16: While many developers are worrying about low consumer confidence to invest in real estate, a few of them have introduced the concept of community rental homes for owners. It is good news for expats or locals searching for rental space in individual houses or apartments for a short- or long-term stay in Kathmandu.[..]
2012-10-02: The urban planners have to fight war on two fronts spontaneously at the present. While the existing cities like Kathmandu should be given a new lease of life like Kitakuyushu of Japan‚ the new municipalities should not be allowed to undergo organic growth as did their predecessors but should be guided by planned development[..]
2012-08-05: Real estate sector as a whole is still going through a recession. However, the impact is less in standalone homes compared to apartment projects and land development.[..]
2012-06-19: The sector is battling for survival with low market demands and slower sales. Now, almost all steel factories are running below their capacity, while some of them have already shut shop. Steel producers say that almost all the factories are making loss for the past few years due to high production cost and low market demand.[..]
2012-06-10: Lack of clear guidelines and monitoring mechanisms threaten to give rise to unhealthy competition among serviced apartment providers[..]
2012-05-06: A cultural hub, a clean and developed city with moderate climate: this is what they will tell their folks back home. Where else do you get this combination?[..]
2012-05-02: The country’s leading business houses, including Lucky Group, Golchha Organization, KL Dugar Group and Murarka Organisation, are investing more than Rs 17 billion[..]
2012-04-15: We need to implement better housing policies for a sustainable urban development. Land is scarce in Kathmandu and a policy should come into place to benefit with optimum results.[..]
2012-03-25: High interest rates and low consumer confidence still a threat to real estate recovery[..]
2012-03-20: The builders should take the safety of the future building occupants and the public alike into consideration and get the glasses tempered or just opt to use less glass else the repercussions of it after a natural disaster will be insurmountable.[..]
2012-03-18: While people from out of the valley continue to pour in, raising the demand of living spaces in Kathmandu, those who already own property in the valley seem to be faring well by renting it out.[..]
2012-03-13: The increased risk in the banking sector is also due to the use of over-leverage by the real estate investors without regular cash flow. Investors‚ in any sector‚ should know the risk of debt (leverage) in financing. The use of high amount of debt will be better only at a time when the situation remains favourable[..]
2012-02-13: Banks and financial institutions should issue more credit to the realty sector so that incomplete projects are finished. But they should do this only after determining the credibility and pay-back capacity of borrowers.[..]
2012-01-29: Nepal's cement industry is suffering due to a slack in the realty sector and weak government policies[..]
2012-01-17: The realty sector depreciation is worrying many, as 2011 was a disastrous 2011 was a disastrous year with hardly any prominent movement in transactions. In addition, NRB also claimed that realty prices were irrational and without proper ground in recent years.[..]
2012-01-04: Those engaged in the sector have not given up hope of recovery and better days in 2012.[..]
2011-11-24: The entire economy is under stress and we are also one of its victims. Real estate loans are more vulnerable to defaults, so are other loans.[..]
2011-11-24: The latest victims of the collapse in realty are the banks. Their overall profits during the first quarter of the current fiscal year have decline by 23 percent compared to the same period last year.[..]
2011-10-23: The issue of landless squatters and rights of tillers was made a slogan by some political parties. But genuine efforts were never made to address this issue permanently.[..]
2011-10-11: The provisions of credible and functional service delivery in urban areas, especially for the marginalised and urban disadvantaged people, are in a critical challenge.[..]
2011-09-18: However, though much is being hyped about the shrinking costs of real estate, the prices of housing and land are still relatively high and that is probably putting off prospective buyers.[..]
2011-09-04: Urban agencies including municipality should be aware of and convinced with the inclusive development and participatory approaches and modalities should be clear for all the collaborative partners for the management of urban affairs.[..]
2011-08-30: Om Rajbhandary was the speaker for this session of the “Last Thursday with an Entrepreneur,” a program which is jointly organized every last Thursday of the month by Entrepreneurs for Nepal, and Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation.[..]
2011-08-22: There are usually two types of options preferred by urbanites -purchasing land and getting professional help to build their dream home; or buying a readymade one from the variety of options provided by housing companies.[..]
2011-08-09: NRNA can play a vital role in supporting the entrepreneurs and helping people start businesses wherever they live.[..]
2011-08-02: If all the policies stipulated in the budget are brought into practice, real estate will witness a revival.Transaction will follow an uptrend path but it is difficult to guess how high it will go.[..]
2011-07-25: Developers are now hopeful about the revival of the real estate business, which was once on the verge of collapse.Developers are enthusiastic about allowing NRNs to invest in real estate and expect more housing projects to come up to cater to them[..]
2011-07-24: Focusing on more infrastructural investment on services used by and appropriate to women will improve their own or other household members’ health and welfare, with significant poverty implications.[..]
2011-07-14: House builders expect that the extended loan limit, though less than what they demanded, will broaden their customer base, thereby helping revive housing sales that have been almost flat for some time.[..]
2011-07-10: The new budget is extremely crucial for the real estate sector that is reel under a severe liquidity crunch due to banks’ tighter lending policy and other government policies[..]
2011-07-10: Kathmandu has suffered from a speedy growth in motorised vehicles with an increase in population and urbanisation which has resulted in a high traffic volume.[..]
2011-06-25: To accelerate the market, government must ensure free economy model[..]
2011-06-15: Hundreds of thousands of people in Kathmandu Valley cannot own an architecturally safe and healthy house. That is why houses in a single lane in Kathmandu do not look the same in terms of size, appearance and their appeal.[..]
2011-06-12: It's important that real estate companies sell at realistic prices and forget about speculative prices[..]
2011-06-05: Developers construct housing on land that is leased to them for a 30 to 35 year period. Their vision for the structure does not extend beyond this[..]
2011-05-29: The prices are going down because of financial liabilities of some developers. Real estate sector is not a hobby, it is a business and business is always done for profit.[..]
2011-05-23: Real Estate Companies offer lower priced projects but buyers are still hesitant.[..]
2011-05-02: People complete a three-month course and proclaim themselves as professionals in this sector[..]
2011-05-01: The concept of real estate and housing came to Kathmandu around 1990, but it took almost a decade to catch on. Prior to that, the people of the city would plan for almost five years to build their own houses. T[..]
2011-04-22: The housing and apartment fad is growing. According to a conservative estimate, around Rs 85 billion has already been invested in the real state sector across the country.[..]
2011-04-21: A well-balanced urban system matters for social cohesion and economic development. The developed world is already heavily urbanised, but urban areas of developing countries are growing much faster.[..]
2011-04-17: With rapid urbanization in the Kathmandu Valley, ground water resources are unable to replenish themselves during rainfall period as surface infiltration has been vastly reduced while consumption of groundwater is ever rising.[..]
2011-04-12: . Forget about the building permit process, that is just a control mechanism that comes from the top. Unless the house owner wants to make his home earthquake resistance, no one can compel him.[..]
2011-03-31: Real estate is currently at a standstill and it is impossible to overcome this situation until NRB relaxes the cap. [..]
2011-03-22: The rate of evasion of land tax is also escalating with the government losing in millions.[..]
2011-03-20: Organised housing can be sustained because the city has no power, water, security, or organised way of construction. Housing projects will provide solutions for the people.[..]
2011-03-15: Kathmandu valley alone, by 2020 will face demands of 40,300 housing units per year as expected. [..]
2011-03-12: If the right product is introduced at the right time, liquidity will not affect it as much.[..]
2011-03-10: How an American economist's theory on debt and dereguration applies to Nepal's current context[..]
2011-03-07: A knowledgeable and trust worthy Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) will be an actual gift to an investor as well as for the user who doesn't have time to dedicate for selling and buying property.[..]
2011-02-27: At present, the main challenge is the scarcity of Nepali labourers, due to which we have to bring in labourers from India and other third world countries[..]
2011-02-17: a hike in interest rates has made housing and real estate loans - and for that matter other loans as well - costly, making it difficult even for the existing loan clients to repay their loans[..]
2011-02-17: Despite a fragile political and economic situation over the last six moths, our bank’s performance was better than what we had targeted.[..]
2011-02-02: Increasing population, unmanaged urbanisation, an undisciplined waste management system, rapid environmental degradation and irresponsible citizens and authorities have turned Kathmandu into one of the most unattractive capital cities in the world[..]
2011-01-23: As banks are not renewing realty loans to reduce their lending in the realty sector to bring it down within the NRB set limit, borrowers are facing increased pressure to repay loans.[..]
2011-01-20: Those banks having huge lending to real estate may face difficulties in recovering loans by April. Banks have invested around Rs 124 billion in the realty sector.[..]
2011-01-18: The development in the housing and real estate sector and the ad hoc decisions of the banks and financial institutions do not augur well for the economy. We might end up with empty apartments and ‘ghost’ houses if things continue to go the way they are going right now[..]
2011-01-02: Ashish Garg is the executive director of Clean Developers Private Limited, a company promoted by Clean Energy Development Bank Limited that comprises of professionals from different walks of life and business houses, who aim to benchmark the next era of real estate development in Nepal.[..]
2010-12-24: Everyone who participates in the modern building binge is contributing to the blighted landscapes[..]
2010-12-22: Besides over-supply in the past, another reason behind the decline in this business is intervention policies formulated by NRB.[..]
2010-10-25: The real sector having private and family owned ownership should be provided the opportunity through tax holidays and exemptions as attractions.[..]
2010-10-25: Situated in a seismically active region, Kathmandu is highly prone to earthquakes. The World Disasters Report 2010 listed the capital city of the country as one of the seven cities of South Asia vulnerable to disasters.[..]
2010-10-11: The report states that the region currently faces shortage of 38 million units of housing. Of the total shortage, housing deficiency in India alone stands at 27 million and in Pakistan it stands at 8 million.[..]
2010-10-11: South Asia’s housing and housing finance markets have grown at an impressive 30 per cent rate in the past decade, but are limited to upper-income groups.[..]
2010-10-10: It would be better to adopt a policy to enable overseas Nepalese to enjoy stable and fruitful lives in their respective host countries, to promote retention of their Nepalese identity and maintenance of relations with their homeland and capitalize on overseas Nepalese to help further Nepal’s national development.[..]
2010-09-26: I think the future of the real estate business in Nepal looks really good. But it depends on the political stabili ty and political situation.[..]
2010-09-23: Out of some 800 complaints received by Kathmandu DAO over the last two months, nearly 300 were about rental disputes and almost all of these were filed by landlords.[..]
2010-09-13: Rentals on houses and flats depend on various factors -location, land area, infrastructure, facilities, etcetera.[..]
2010-08-22: The scientific tests conducted by the Department of Standards and Metrology (DoSM) brought to light that the six brands in question were not adhering to Nepal Quality Standards Number 49 (quality of add mixture) and Number 385 (load-bearing capacity).[..]
2010-08-20: Development cannot take place without the involvement of locals. Without local ownership, even the best plans would fail. [..]
2010-08-19: An estate agent will know the right words for presenting the property for sale or to let, thus speeding up the transaction.[..]
2010-08-16: Architects are invisible yet invincible guardians of their cities. It is their pencil and drawing papers that provide shape, size and colors to the cities that we live in.[..]
2010-08-05: First Kathmandu is the first company to put forward the concept of organizing exhibitions in the concerned foreign country in order to lure Diaspora and international customers to invest in the property business.[..]
2010-07-16: Creating `Nepali Architecture' Would Require Numerous Forms Of Architecture That Have Emerged Over Centuries Of Cultural Evolution To Be Interpreted To Create A Symbolic Architecture That Reflects The Given Political State Of The Country[..]
2010-07-14: Course Content of Real Estate Marketing Agent Training organized by Brihat Investments & Thai Real Estate Business School(14 to 19 February, 2010)[..]
2010-07-14: The customers must be aware of the concept of the low cost apartment that is coming in the market and not be fooled by the price they are offering. One should always calculate the Rate per sq. ft.[..]
2010-07-13: Although, many will have their favorites to choose from while decorating their home, it might not always be the right choice. With this awareness and the want of people to make their homes look extraordinary, the demand for interior designers have increased tremendously over the years.[..]
2010-07-09: Bajracharya is currently constructing two housing projects with partners - Sun City and Mero City. The Kathmandu Post talked with Bajracharya about the housing business, its current situation and the future. [..]
2010-07-07: REMA has successfully boosted the customer’s hopes and confidence. They have put in more efforts to provide professional services inorder to make the customers happy.[..]
2010-07-04: The sectors receiving the hardest blow are housing and apartment builders and customers. People wanting to build homes or buy apart ments now find it difficult to get a home loan or simply cannot afford the outrageous interest rates.[..]
2010-06-28: So far around Rs. 85 billion has been invested in the real state sector across the country and some 300,000 people have got job opportunities in building construction, he said, adding that after hand over the buildings around 20 people get job in each colony.[..]
2010-06-22: During the month, a total of 31,636 individuals, including 270 women, left the country for foreign employment despite the shortage of passports.[..]
2010-06-21: About even two months back, finding affordable housing apartments at around Rs 3 million in the capital was a nerve-racking task. There were only two or three housing developers that targeted the middle class due to comparatively low profit margin[..]
2010-06-17: Has the Kathmandu valley turned into a concrete jungle as many architects, engineers and even common people think? There is a planning in this complicated affair and a solution does not seem in the sight for next many years.[..]
2010-06-07: The strict NRB policy to discourage real estate lending as well as current liquidity crisis are responsible for the decline in the real estate loans.[..]
2010-05-31: The central bank's decision to put a cap on lending to the real estate and housing sector has created a setback to most upcoming, ongoing and completed projects.[..]
2010-05-23: The central bank cap to lim it aggressive loan exposure to 25 per cent of each bank's total in vestment portfolio by the end of the fiscal year 2012/13 is a challenge. As per directives issued by the central bank, their exposure to real es tate and housing loans al together shouldn't ex ceed 40 per cent.[..]
2010-05-14: The annual demand for houses and apartments stand at 43,000 units but the real estate sector is constructing barely 10,000 units per year.[..]
2010-05-14: If we see last five year’s data, it covers only around 0.7 per cent of the total revenue and around four per cent of total income tax.[..]
2010-04-28: If the artifact contributes to the sustenance of culture, then we understand that the value of the artifact is not limited to its functional matters, which could be met and even augmented by replacing the artifact with a new construction. [..]
2010-04-19: In order to protect the interest of consulting industry of the country, the Society of Consulting Architectural & Engineering firms, Nepal (SCAEF) was registered with the then HMG/N on November 20, 1990 under the collective endeavor of the professional consulting firms[..]
2010-04-13: Selecting a contractor for construction works is one of the major factors that can influence the success of any projects. That is why client - which in the case of Nepal is mostly the government agencies - need to set appropriate qualification criteria so that the project can meet the desired quality and be completed in time, staying within the budget.[..]
2010-04-07: But the pace of development of necessary infrastructures is far slower than the pace of urbanization. Fire infrastructure - for an instance - is one among those infrastructures that we have completely overlooked despite rapid urbanization.[..]
2010-04-04: Demand for bricks, one of the key construction materials, have gone up in Kathmandu Valley and major cities with rapid boom in construction over the years.[..]
2010-04-04: The NRB’s circular to put a cap on the real estate sector has halted the boom of the real estate industry which had over 300% increase in its initial prices.[..]
2010-03-29: Collection of Real Estate Revenue in the country and according to land Revenue Office[..]
2010-01-11: Manufacturing rate of cement and bricks increased by six per cent. However, prices of these construction materials increased by 3.5 per cent more than in the previous month.[..]
2009-09-16: Mr. Om Rajbhandary, Third Vice President of Nepal Land & Housing Developers Association (NLHDA) and CEO of The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd. gave his presentation in SCAEF Program on behalf of NLHDA on the topic, "Housing Scenario of Nepal." Here is[..]
2009-05-29: The participants had expressed their gratitude for being a part of an unprecedented event that was pragmatic an innovative and most relevant in this real estate business and continuity should be given to it.[..]
2009-05-27: When asked if there are easy ways for young entrepreneurs to get involved in the real estate business in Nepal; Ichhya dai points out, the real estate business boom has created a lot of support business and jobs.[..]
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