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2017-01-09: Rugs and Carpets help draw all the pieces in a room together leading an aesthetic look.[..]
2017-01-02: Wallpaper adds colour and texture to a space as well as works as a fun styling element.[..]
2016-12-23: Good looking floors can enhance the aesthetic value of your homes[..]
2016-10-16: Spread over 26 ropanies, the project will have 71 villas including row and individual houses. Boasting about exceptional home designs, the company offers homes to satisfy every practical need with all modern comforts utilising space to the optimum.[..]
2016-08-14: The real estate industry directly affects the business of doors. As the real estate sector was affected by the earthquake, the demand for doors has decreased.[..]
2016-08-07: Windows play a vital role when it comes to enhancing your home.[..]
2016-07-30: Easy to assemble and transfer, these modular kitchens are elegant in look, flexible and can be used as per the requirement of customers and available space.[..]
2016-07-04: Be it plain glass for windows, decorative mirrors, sky lights or glass art, they all give your home an elegant and classic touch. In recent years, the demand for glass has grown with great popularity to beautify homes.[..]
2016-06-06: The major attraction of the project is Swayambu Stupa and it is near Vanasthali School, Sainik Hospital and College, Balaju Bhatbhateni. The two and a half storey building is available in eight different models with the flexibility to modify as per the client’s need and demand.[..]
2016-05-29: Shera homes offers aesthetic looks and are less time consuming to construct[..]
2015-05-07: If we test foundation soil and build houses only by consulting engineers, our houses will be safe. Some houses in Kathmandu that collapsed must have been built either on the wrong kind of soil or they must have flouted the building code.[..]
2014-06-08: After few years of southbound trends the real estate sector is gradually regaining vibrancy.[..]
2014-03-30: Wallpapers may be comparatively more expensive than paints but the benefits are far more[..]
2013-11-21: There are many housing companies that offer studio apartments.Meanwhile, with some attention to design and concepts of space management, one can easily give an appealing look to a studio apartment to make it a great living space.[..]
2013-09-05: To make earthquake-resistant buildings possible in Nepal‚ the techniques are a bit different but the basic principles are the same. Expensive technology is difficult to incorporate whereas simple techniques dealing with the basic principles can be followed without much investment[..]
2013-07-14: Consider water movement, purpose and function of area before choosing the flooring[..]
2013-06-09: Prefabricated homes are slowly but surely gaining popularity in the country. Light weight, earthquake and fire resistant and less time consuming to complete the structure are some of the salient features of prefabricated, often referred to as prefab, houses.[..]
2013-03-17: Experts warn that using ACP without being cautious of quality could invite serious problems to the building.[..]
2013-03-04: Owners yet to warm up to property insurance owing to ignorance and ineffective campaigns[..]
2013-03-03: Demand for modular kitchen s has been swelling continuously. They are slowly winning people’s hearts and establishing themselves in the domestic market.[..]
2013-02-17: 'Bigger the better' may not be the way to go when building a house[..]
2013-01-20: Experts advise property owners to wait till February to commence construction[..]
2012-09-23: Owning apartments or constructing/purchasing house depends upon people’s choice. Yet in recent days, people seem attracted towards owning apartments as it provides wide range of facilities which enhance sophisticated life. After all it is ready-made, tension regarding supervising the newly constructing house, bargaining with worker’s are absent.[..]
2012-08-14: Another major reason why people are going for imported and designer furniture is that most of these items come in knock-down form making it easy to dismantle, transport and reassemble them. [..]
2012-04-09: Situated at Sanepa Height, the Court boasts of luxurious apartments with French and neo-classical architectural designs in chateau style.Imperial Court plans include 100 apartments with eight penthouses.[..]
2011-12-26: In recent years, aluminium frames and panels are gaining popularity for interior doors and decorative purposes.[..]
2011-11-10: Weak and ill-designed concrete structures are more vulnerable than the traditional ones to respond to earthquakes. Awareness at the community level is not the challenge, rather challenges are the resources to build resilience.[..]
2011-09-20: While the actual quaking may last from a few seconds to minutes, its aftermath is unimaginable; telephone towers, roads, and bridges – communication and infrastructure – are expected to be dysfunctional.[..]
2011-09-06: Sleek, functional, efficient and time-saving modular kitchens are a must for modern households[..]
2011-08-07: The beauty of built-in furniture is that it takes into account overlooked spaces and transforms them into valuable areas in the home without taking away from the open space.[..]
2011-08-02: Units of Area Calculation in Nepal,Ropani-Anna to sq. ft and Sq.ft to Ropani-Aana converter[..]
2011-07-18: Developers say they have started venturing into individual homes ad there a high demand for this segment rather than apartments.[..]
2011-05-15: The trend of using outdoor furniture is just developing, since only a certain segment of customers realise its significance. [..]
2011-05-04: What things should we take into consideration while buying a community house? Here are a few suggestions for a prospective house owner, based on the first hand experience of the scribe himself.[..]
2011-04-24: Window treatment can be one of the best and easiest choices to change a room's feel[..]
2011-04-10: The concept of wallpaper entered Nepal almost two decades ago, and it is now popular not only in hotels, corporate and commercial buildings but also in residences.[..]
2011-03-27: Registration fees required for buying and selling properties[..]
2011-03-24: Modular furnishings are becoming ever more popular as they are more flexible and adaptable and can be customised more easily to a particular user's requirements[..]
2011-02-28: Homemaker manufactures 90 percent of its furniture products at its factory at the Patan Industrial Estate. The company has around 300 employees.[..]
2011-02-25: Today's luxury bathrooms push the envelope, exceed the imagination, and dare to explore new avenues.[..]
2011-02-23: Checklist of a few important documents that are required during the purchase of a house: [..]
2011-02-12: For the space-challenged room, homeowners consider it essential to make every square foot count. As a result, furniture makers are continually finding new ways to incorporate more than one function into a single piece.[..]
2011-02-08: Chandeliers Reflect A Sense Of Wealth and Bring Grandeur To The Room[..]
2011-02-06: Consider how much pri vacy you really need. This will determine what kind of window treat ments you will need and even if you need curtains at all. You may have large floor-to-ceiling win dows that offers a scenic view.[..]
2011-01-24: The new trend in building houses that are fast to install,look elegant,easy to modify, environment friendly and affordable[..]
2011-01-18: Aluminium Doors and Windows Provide Safety, Value For Money And Exceptional Aesthetics[..]
2011-01-11: Real estate developers are the visionaries who have insight to look at an empty space and determine its future.[..]
2010-12-26: The idea today is to have a theme and furniture that goes with it. And this has brought about a revolution in the business of furniture and home accessories.[..]
2010-12-20: There are some inherent difficulties in finding a common language and developing a mutual respect between the two fields.[..]
2010-12-17: Living room is labelled as a versatile area and people often believe that one’s living room reflects their personal style and the sense of architectural presence.[..]
2010-12-15: As the Nepali economy improves and gains momentum, the share of middle class population will increase in the future creating demand for land and properties.[..]
2010-11-08: Buying a house, no matter what the market is like, should never be taken lightly. Here are some documents you need to take a look at before purchasing your dream home[..]
2010-11-03: With an impossing structure and a unique design, this tower stands out as a landmark in the history of the Nepalese architecture[..]
2010-09-16: The poor construction is evident in the midst of the ruins and rubble: the brittle steel, coarse non-angular aggregate, weak cement mixed with dirty or salty sand and the widespread termination of steel reinforcement rods at the joints between columns and floors of buildings where earthquake stresses are highest.[..]
2010-09-14: The mismatch in investment vis a vis poor infrastructure of road, water supply, energy demand has become so alarming that capital will meet its doom sooner than imagined.[..]
2010-08-13: Booking open for United Avenue Apartment and United Society (Developers: United Builders & Engineers P. Ltd.)[..]
2010-08-10: Find out which countries experts are recommending for the second half of 2010.[..]
2010-08-03: The sad thing is that you go out of the valley and you see the same trends everywhere. The same rickety concrete-and-cement structures dot the major cities of Pokhara, Butwal, Narayangarh and Biratnagar, to name just a few.[..]
2010-07-25: Studio Apartments For An Economic Although Limited In Space And Fairly A New Concept In Nepal, Developers Are Confident That Studio Apartments Will Thrive In Kathmandu[..]
2010-07-18: Everyone dreams of becoming a proud owner of a beautiful home. Since one usually builds a house only once in a lifetime, one must think through before setting off on the task.[..]
2010-07-15: Materialistic pleasures are so treasured in today’s world that very few people stop to think about other virtues in life. When it comes to living, some people live comfortably, others live extravagantly.[..]
2010-07-15: An agreement was signed between Kanchanjangha Housing (P.) Ltd and NFC for using the land to construct an eight storey international standard commercial building and its rent management for a total of 30 years.[..]
2010-07-14: From ballrooms to bowling alleys, orchards to iris scanners, entourage rooms to panic rooms, acres of gardens to gold-leaf bathrooms, this list has it all. This is how the other half live…[..]
2010-06-27: The price tag has not detered the rising demand for penthouses, that's why even those still under construction are already booked.[..]
2010-05-27: With the property markets booming and chances of its keeping up this optimum level for some more time, investors are concerned about value of their properties.[..]
2010-05-27: Online searching for real estate is really proficient. Through search you can find the property and can save the time without making trips across the country.[..]
2010-05-14: Studio apartments are considered to be small, inexpensive apartments that are frequently found in cities, but may be found anywhere. They are also referred to as efficiency apartments.[..]
2010-05-14: A penthouse apartment is an apartment located on the top floor of a building, with the term usually being used in reference to apartments in high rise buildings.[..]
2010-04-02: Complete Vaastu recommendation for home[..]
2010-03-29: Executive summary of the paper,A Policy Study on Urban Housing in Nepal, by Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel[..]
2010-03-23: From politicians and economists to lenders and developers, here are the 50 most influential men and women in the U.S. real estate industry [..]
2010-03-23: Who are the people setting the agenda in the U.S. real estate market? As Bloomberg BusinessWeek found out, the answer is complicated and can be approached only from a range of perspectives.[..]
2010-03-18: Seeking professional help to spiff up your home? Here are some tips on hiring an interior designer[..]
2010-03-18: It’s important to take your time in assessing and determining a value for your property. You'll want to receive a fair amount of compensation for any goods lost or destroyed.[..]
2010-03-18: Advertising is a proven way of letting renters know you are open for business. But before you write an ad or spend a dime, you need an advertising plan.[..]
2010-03-16: Probably the most critically important factor of all is that you begin this process with professionally designed plans.[..]
2010-03-16: If you have real estate investment plans in 2010 do not be lured by ‘once in a lifetime offer’. Real estate profits cannot be made on any kind of tips or even in haste. It needs careful planning and good research.[..]
2010-03-16: Investment Real Estate if treated correctly will yield profitable returns[..]
2010-03-15: Home insurance covers property and its contents against any unforeseen risks and happenings. Practically speaking, it is the best way - and perhaps the only guarantee – for a home owner to recover his mortgage losses.[..]
2010-03-13: If it is your first-time to purchase a home, you may find the whole process very complicated. However, earning the whole process is not difficult to do. Here are some tips to use:[..]
2010-03-12: Location plays a big role in either the seller or buyer’s decision. This will determine the development of the property in the market.[..]
2010-03-11: Although there are expenses attached to professional inspections, the costs can be equalized by the benefits you can get for your promoting your house for sale.[..]
2010-03-10: The first thing you have to do is to get a home inspection. There are many meticulous buyers today due to the numerous cases of fraudulent transactions between buyers and sellers or their respective agents[..]
2010-03-09: If you want to get good results, do your assignment as the owner of house. Research about the subject matter and apply what you have learned.[..]
2010-03-01: Good tenants are equivocal to sealing the productivity and soundness of your financial and real property venture hence do your best to ensure that you find and accept the right ones[..]
2010-01-25: This article shows you the top ten tips that real estate investors apply to their property portfolio building strategy to ensure success from their investments.[..]
2010-01-12: The Government of Nepal has received an international award for its innovative road programme— Rural Access Programme — which is expected to reduce poverty through road building. The award was announced in Washington on Monday.[..]
2010-01-01: Central Park is the first green project of Nepal and exemplifies the art of Green Living which is a growing concept in today’s world of environmental consciousness.[..]
2010-01-01: Central Park is the first green project of Nepal and exemplifies the art of Green Living which is a growing concept in today’s world of environmental consciousness.[..]
2009-12-01: This is a list of the 10 cities in the world where it is most expensive to live in early 2009 as defined by the Economist, although this will most likely change in line with regional economic changes and currency fluctuations.[..]
2009-11-15: One thing that is usually at the top of every list is house odors, especially odors caused by pets, cigarette smoke and mildew.[..]
2009-09-20: The idea is to measure, as objectively as possible, the influential people within a twitter community.[..]
2009-02-28: The initial aim was for it to be a list of the top 10 cheapest cities in the world in which to live. However, as will become apparent there are more than 10 cities on the list, and this is due to there being more than one city at position number 10 on the list, and so they have all been listed below.[..]
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