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Rates and trends

2016-08-28: Booming share market, slow down in businesses and the basic need for housing has started to make people invest in real estate.[..]
2013-12-09: The corrective measure by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for banks and financial institutions (BFIs) and government facilitation of housing and apartments provided a boost to the sector. [..]
2013-06-23: Affordable land prices are another reason why customers from Lalitpur, Kathmandu and eastern districts are warming up to invest in real estate at Bhaktapur.[..]
2013-05-03: Most of these buyers say that the significant correction in prices and stability in the market has ended their wait and watch mode.[..]
2013-05-03: Banks and financial institutions (BFIs) which are still reluctant to lend to real estate developers are increasing their lending to end users.[..]
2013-03-10: Despite low transactions, revenue collection from land is higher.[..]
2012-07-29: The house and land registration revenue accumulated from five collection centres totals to Rs 1.783 billion, while only Rs 1.533 billion was collected in the fiscal year 2010-11.[..]
2012-07-22: Nepal´s real estate business has been jittery since January 2010, particularly after the central bank imposed a cap on the loan exposure of banks and financial institutions (BFIs) to the sector. The move was aimed at cooling the overheated market.[..]
2012-05-02: According to the Cement Manufacturers Association of Nepal (CMAN), the domestic cement industry has an installed production capacity of 5.58 million tonnes annually which is slightly higher than the annual demand of 5.42 million tonnes.[..]
2012-04-15: Real Estate Stakeholders expect the New Year to bring good tidings and recovery.[..]
2012-03-04: If the present trend continues, Land transactions could prove to be the safe landing for the Realty Sector.[..]
2011-03-01: Latest figures on revenue collection from Land Revenue Offices in the first seven months of the current fiscal year.[..]
2010-07-20: Realty transactions in the Valley had mainly taken a dip from January 2010, mainly after Nepal Rastra Bank imposed cap on realty loans exposure for banks and financial institutions and asked them to bring the realty loans portfolio to 25 percent by 2011/12.[..]
2010-06-12: It's fine to want the best home you can afford, but be certain that it is affordable. There are lots of sources for mortgage funds that are available and should be considered.[..]
2010-06-07: Price of glass per sq. ft. & Price of pipes(32 mm) per ft, June 2010 [..]
2010-06-06: The price of wood has increased by about 20 per cent over the last year, shooting up the cost of house construction and furniture. [..]
2010-06-06: During the past decades, Nepal has progressed significantly in the area of emergency preparedness by providing earthquake awareness programs to general public, initiating disaster response plans, developing health sector preparedness and awareness about safety measures in school education programs in order to combat the enormous potential disaster from future earthquake hazards.[..]
2010-05-25: The total land transaction has been recorded to be 38,920 in number with the total revenue collected at Rs 1.44 billion in the fiscal year 2008-09, whereas the transaction decreased to 23,802 numbers within April 30 of the fiscal year 2009-10.[..]
2010-05-16: The prices of major construction materials — cement and steel in particular — have soared sharply, pushing the cost of constructions up by as much as 20 per cent. [..]
2010-04-07: Nepal has registered 17 cities and municipalities at WHO campaign for various health related events[..]
2010-04-02: Different rates of TMT steel Bars in Nepal[..]
2010-03-31: The total production capacity of the new companies would be approximately 3,850 tons per day, which is about 1,155,000 tons annually. If these companies operate to their full capacity, they would meet 46.2 percent of the annual cement demand in the country.[..]
2010-03-19: Home loan with interest rate, 2008 and 2010 (March)[..]
2010-03-18: The best interest rate isn't necessarily just the lowest rate — it's the lowest rate you can get on the loan that fits your needs.[..]
2010-03-18: Choosing a mortgage loan is not as easy as simply finding the lowest interest rate. There are many other factors that will determine which mortgage is right for you. Your financial picture, including your income, savings, cash reserves, and debt-to-cash ratio will determine how much you can afford[..]
2010-02-19: What bubble? A new Credit Suisse report sees potential in property.[..]
2009-12-21: Compared to a fortnight ago, the prices of steel have already gone up in the range of Rs 2 to 3 per kg now. Steel rod is presently retailed at Rs 62 to Rs 63 per kg.[..]
2009-12-19: The realty market cast a downtrodden look on Friday and Saturday, after Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) announced two major policy changes that went on to raise lending rates and restricted banks and financial institutions to freely flow credit in the sector.[..]
2004-12-10: Suburban residential blocks are not just trendy, they are also practical and affordable [..]
2002-06-01: Instead of building their first homes slowly, brick-by-brick, more and more people are turning to community housing and financing.[..]
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