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2011-12-27: Valley as soon as possible, the report suggests, adding that 3,150,000 square meters worth of open area would be required to provide 900,000 people with covered shelters.[..]
2010-11-24: Starting the new market for the panel based bamboo housing may take sometime until people start accepting it this is one of the major reasons why use of bamboo in Nepal for commercial purposed other then scaffolding is nominal and untapped to it fullest.[..]
2010-08-17: At Uttara and Abari, two related architectural and engineering design firms, they have come up with some of the finest building designs with very low-energy use.[..]
2010-03-29: Reasearch paper,Housing and Land Market in Kathmandu,Nepal, by Ashna S. Mathema in 1999 submitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Cambridge,MA[..]
2010-03-29: Housing is an emerging sector of national economy that will grow with the growth of national economy. The commitment of double digit growth by the government, if it is realized, will create a housing boom in the urban areas of the country.[..]
2010-03-29: To ensure sustainable housing and market development at all levels, long term strategies should be based on: land policies, infrastructural development, appropriate technologies, good public-private partnership, balanced financing, affordable approaches, creating balanced urban-rural developments.[..]
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